Buildings and contents insurance will cover or replace any damage that might happen to your home or its contents, including loss. It is important that buildings cover is in place for all mortgaged homes and also for homeowners who do not have a mortgage. It is possible to get the two insurances separately, although you will find that most providers offer them as a combined cover.

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Buildings insurance covers your home if it needs to be completely rebuilt for example, storm or flood damage or a major fire etc. which was deemed beyond your control. Without this cover, your home could be lost and the debt to your lender (if mortgaged) would sill be owed.

Contents insurance covers all items in your household which are not fixed to the property. Contents insurance will cover you in most of the same situations as buildings insurance, but also includes theft. All claims must have been for events that are beyond your control.

The good news is that we can look at the whole of the insurance market to find the most suitable cover for you at the cheapest cost. Please contact one of our qualified advisers who will be happy to speak about your options.